Oh boy!

Want to hear a sign that I am maturing?
I actually have one foot on the Baby Boy train! *victory dance*
You see, my fear of having a boy is not entirely irrational. I grew up in a house of only girls. As in, no boys at all. Even the doggie is a girl.
When I did see boys, they were — for the most part — rowdy, stinky, gross, sticky, loud, video-game-playing little monsters. One ex-friend took one of my naked Barbies into the closet to do bad things to her! Traumatizing!
It has only been recently that I have been thinking hard about the possibility that we might have a boy. It could happen.

I started to come around a few months ago, when L told me if I didn’t start making more boy items, I would be jinxing myself and I would definitely have a boy.
I hastily made this. But still, I wasn’t sold on the idea.

The thing that made me stop hyperventilating — and picturing a messy terror in overalls, being mean to my Barbies — was Darling Husband.
If we had a boy, he would be like a miniature Darling Husband, right? He might have his cute smile, and his gorgeous hair, and his amazing eyes?
He would most likely be obsessed with cars, trucks and planes — ’cause boys all are, right? — and I would be all, “Ohhhhh, just like his Daddddddyyy! How precious!” Yeah, I do think I’m going to be that annoying, FYI.
I could dress him in teeny golf shirts, teeny cargo shorts, teeny steel-toes! An itsy-bitsy Darling Husband!
He might be really sweet like Darling Husband. Even if he is an evil child, maybe the thought that he is just sneaky, just like Darling Husband, would keep me from losing it?
Seeing Darling Husband in our baby boy makes me less afraid of the stinky socks and loud videogames.

Because I may not love boys in general, but I do love him.

So what do you think?

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