Not Me Mondays

Blah, Monday. What a gross day — especially the morning. Perfect for confessing stuff I totally didn’t do.

Over the weekend …

  • The book I read yesterday was not Stacey and the Boyfriend Trap (reading level: age 10). The book I read the day before that was not The Trumpet of the Swan (reading level: age 8). I only ever read total grown-up books, with like, complicated plots.
  • I did not insist on buying a high-tec pink sports water bottle at The Rugged Working Man Store, just because Darling Husband was getting new steel-toes and I wanted something for myself. I am the kind of person that can handle other people buying stuff, and not want anything.
  • I did not take Little Dog for a walk while wearing short-shorts, a tank top, and a trenchcoat. Nope. That situation would have meant the wind would blow my coat up so high that I would look completely naked under the trench, and I would have looked like a flasher. Never.

2 Comments on “Not Me Mondays

  1. I did NOT totally forget about Not Me Mondays for the 2nd week in a row. I think my brain is still on vacation. (I think yours might go on vacation too, if you keep reading pre-teen novels!)


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