Not Me Mondays

Over the course of my five-day-long vacay …

  • I did not eat french fries approximately 9,000,000 times
  • I was perfectly pleasant to Darling Husband on the very early morning flights
  • I drank plenty of water, instead of drowning in a sea of Diet Coke
  • I did not see my life flash before my eyes while performing an adventure sport
  • I wore cute little shoes and outfits, rather than just slumming it in beat-up sandals and muddy jeans
  • I did not proclaim, rather snootily, that I would rather pee in my drysuit than use the Port-O-Potty
Oh, and last night — before my return to work — I did not gulp down NyQuil just to help me beat the jet-lag blues. Never.

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