Don’t let it happen to you …

My mom says everyone does it when they’re pregnant. They just can’t help it. They need to do it.
But you’d stop me, right? Right???
The pregnancy haircut is an evil thing. It terrifies me, because I do not want to be one of those crazy pregnant women who cut all their hair off.
Is it really the hormones that make them crazy? Or do they do it because they are too hot? Too tired to style it? Too annoyed? Looking for a change? I don’t care what the reason is — I don’t want it to happen to me!
I’m getting my hair cut tomorrow afternoon. It is getting very long, and I think getting pregnant with such long hair would make me look Duggar-esque. I would need to start wearing pinafores or something.
Since I keep my hair long, I am terrible about going in regularly for trims. So most likely, I will be knocked-up for my next appointment. And that means … gulp … I could wind up with a pregnancy haircut!
Avoid the stylist for nine months and rock Duggar-style hair, or risk going to the stylist and blurting out, “I just want it nice and short!” 
Hmmm … which is the less of two evils?

5 Comments on “Don’t let it happen to you …

  1. Never heard of this before! Luckily (I think) my stylist would stop me before I would do anything drastic.

    I'm bad about getting my hair cut frequently. I always wait way too long. Have fun getting your haircut!


  2. As long as you maintain nice style and avoid a perm, you will NOT look like a Duggar! Keep the long locks, I bet it suits you.

    I think the same haircut theory goes for newlyweds. As soon as the wedding was over, I went out and cut my hair off .. I don't know if it was psychological or what .. I had been growing it for so long before the wedding that I was just craving a “big change” cut. But I regretted it as soon as people started commenting, “Ooo, you got a wife haircut.”

    Keep it long! 🙂


  3. Haha thanks, ladies! I definitely want to keep it long, so I HOPE I do not go absolutely crazy and decide I need it short. If I start blogging about an interest in bobs, please stage an intervention!


  4. Haha, no one in our family could ever pull off a short haircut! Although that doesn't mean that you might not try to get a Bozo wig of your very own ..


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