Recipe review: Spinach Strawberry Salad

So on our new-and-improved weekly Date Night, I made the Spinach Strawberry Salad from my Eating Well When You’re Expecting book. 

It was a very spur-of-the-moment decision. I was flipping through the book while I cooked the burgers, and realized we actually had the ingredients to make it. Like I could just open the fridge and make it.
SIDENOTE: That never happens with recipes, because I am the world’s pickiest girl — and do not own most normal ingredients. Other than green onion.
So I threw it together excitedly — because hey, when you never follow a recipe unless it’s on the back of the Hamburger Helper box, it’s pretty cool. Even though I am not a salad girl, and it was really yummy. Even Darling Husband ate it, which is huge — he’s definitely a meat guy.
I won’t post the full recipe — because I highly recommend you buy the book, and I don’t particularly want to get sued — but it’s not a tricky recipe. Baby spinach, sliced strawberries, and almonds — plus a drizzling of vinegar, canola oil and brown sugar. Mmmmm.
My next mission? Oh, you knew it was coming

Yup, I bought it. I have NO IDEA how these weird mini-pearl-shaped things are going to taste, but there are at least three recipes in my new fave book, and I’m going to try one of them. Pray for me!

3 Comments on “Recipe review: Spinach Strawberry Salad

  1. Quinoa tip: Try cooking it in veggie broth or chicken broth, rather than water, to give it more flavour. One of my fave quinoa recipes also adds parmesan, mushrooms and fresh garlic! Yum!


  2. I just love it when I have all the ingredients on hand! Never seems to happen though no matter how much stuff I buy. I’ve never had Quinoa. I’ll be curious to see what you think!!


  3. Thanks for the tip, Lindsey!

    I’m curious, too, missunderstood — and kinda terrified. We’ll see!


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