Blendy goodness

I feel sick. I drank a huge smoothie way too fast.

Wait — back up. I don’t even like smoothies. How did this happen?
Oh right. Yesterday my books arrived — yup, Eating Well When You’re Expecting, What to Expect The First Year, and the What to Expect Pregnancy Journal and Organizer.

Shut up, I know. But when you …
A) Are addicted to books
B) Are obsessed with getting knocked up
C) Are a crazy overplanner
D) Are all of the above 
… this is what happens.
Anyway, the one I was reeeeeally looking forward to was Eating Well When You’re Expecting. I cracked it open as soon as I got home from work, and started pouring over the healthy-ho meal ideas.
For some strange reason, I love healthy diet suggestion books — even though they all say the same thing, and already know I’m supposed to eat fibre, veggies, small meals, blah, blah, blah. But reading it gives me … like … motivation or something. I find myself nodding and going, Yes, I really should be eating more green things. Yes, I really should try quinoa.

The first couple of chapters went on and on about morning sickness and how horrible it can be, and stressed the importance of getting down your fruit in a juice smoothie. I’m not a big fruit girl — I like apples and strawberries, but can leave the rest — so I decided to give it a try.
Darling Husband loves fruit salad, so we always have pineapple and melon and that orange melon — cantaloupe? So I blended the crap out of all of it, and added a lot of orange juice. I have tried smoothies with milk before, but found them gag-worthy. With OJ? Not so bad.
Now what the hell is “quinoa,” and where do I find it?

2 Comments on “Blendy goodness

  1. Yes, you should try quinoa! It’s in the healthy section at Sobeys and comes in a clear bag. It may seem expensive, but a little goes a long way. It’s got great texture — sort of like a rice/barley/grain type thing. It’s delish and soo high in fiber.


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