Our babies, our teachers

I know that sometimes I get too caught up in the preparation of having a baby — duh, this whole blog is all about my preparation! It’s just my nature to try and organize the world. 
But I read this beautiful line the other day over at Small Fry & Co., and it really spoke to me:

You can’t prepare completely for being a mom, because Heavenly Father sends you your own personalized teacher. Mine is a beautiful blondy, with the most sparkling blue eyes, who loves to give hugs and kisses and who constantly surprises me. — Small Fry & C0.

Dear Baby,

I am sewing quilts and saving money and reading all the right books, in an attempt to get ready for you. 

But I know I won’t ever be truly prepared for your arrival. You are going to shake up our whole world, and we can’t wait. 

I’m ready to learn from you.


2 Comments on “Our babies, our teachers

  1. I just spent the weekend with a 2 year old and now I am less prepared then ever before. And more scared. I told my husband as we were driving home that I thought having a baby may not be in my future. But he quickly reconvinced me. I’m not sure there is any preparation.


  2. Yeah, I think it’s definitely something you just have to experience to really know what you’re in for — just like the actual birth, eek!


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