Math woes

It’s a good thing having a baby does not require a standardized math test.
I read something about needing 400-milla-somethings of folic acid, and my Materna bottle said it only contained 1 mg. I panicked for a second, wondering if I needed to take an extra supplement.
But … duh … turns out the 400-milla-somethings actually equalled 0.4 mg, so the Materna has more than I even need. 
God, I suck at fractions — OK, math in general.
Also, I am down to my final couple of Materna tablets, rattling around in the bottle. I’m going to need to buy more tonight. 
What kind of person runs out of Materna before they even start trying???

P.S. On the bright side, their website says you should start taking it at least 12 weeks before trying to conceive, and it is actually less than 10 weeks before we begin Operation: Baby. Finally, my over-preparedness is within a reasonable timeline!

2 Comments on “Math woes

  1. I know! I am SO excited. I actually think it’s like nine weeks — another example of me sucking at math, haha.


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