Bye-bye, baby tees

When we got engaged, I stopped wearing graphic tees. 

Just stopped completely, even though I had about a million of those American Eagle suckers.

The reason? Well, it didn’t seem right to wear a gorgeous sparkly engagement ring with the graphic tees that I wore all through university. I also stopped wearing cords and cargo pants — too sloppy for the presense of a diamond.
My new ring was an accessory that I would never take off — so my wardrobe automatically re-formed around it.

When we got married, I stopped wearing hoodies. Same reasoning. It just didn’t “go.” It was not wife-ly. In fact, my wardrobe has changed a lot in the (almost) one year we have been married …
  • The graphic tees have been replaced by plain long-sleeved tees or button-down cotton polos. 
  • My hoodies have been replaced with cardigans (oh, so many cardigans) and thin-knit sweaters. 
  • I have blouses — a totally new item. 
  • When I decided last summer was “the year of the dress,” I bought about ninety.
  • I started wearing a watch. No, not my pink Baby G — an actual watch “with sticks,” as I still call it.
  • I have started buying Hush Puppies (instead of Payless BOGOs)
  • I own two sensible trenchcoats — one black, one beige with Burberry lining (stolen from Mom)
I realized that I have slowly been creating not only a “wife” wardrobe, but a “mom” wardrobe, without even realizing it. I’m wearing clothes now that I know I will be wearing when I have kids. It’s a weird feeling, like stepping outside my body and watching myself grow up.
But even though I may be wearing a blouse, dress pants and a grown-up watch, you can bet that I’m also wearing Happy Bunny underwear, glitter nail polish, and Hannah Montana Collection heart-shaped earrings. Some things won’t change.

2 Comments on “Bye-bye, baby tees

  1. Isn’t is so funny what we do to match the diamond? I had to buy a new car, because my diamond was too pretty to be seen in my old car. But the sweats and hoodies stayed. I am, after all, married to a sufer.


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