The anti-social butterfly

I disobeyed the internet.
It told me to go, and I didn’t.
I told a little white lie to get out of the social event I mentioned yesterday — the one I really didn’t feel like attending
As soon as I bowed out, I felt so relieved. I was free, free, FREE! Free to spend my Friday night doing anything my selfish little heart desired.

The old me would have went reluctantly, and felt awkward all night. But I am not a social butterfly (go Google “understatement of the century”), and I’m sick of putting on a happy face and going to events where I feel miserable.

What’s wrong with me? 

I get lonely in a crowd, 
Everyone is smiling,
But I made myself left out.

That’s a little Hilary Duff wisdom — deep, right?
I have reached a point where I just don’t want to be forced into things. So now that I was free, what was on the agenda for my exciting Friday night? It had been an insane week, so I just wanted to relaaaaaax
Darling Husband was working (unhappy sigh), but Little Sis had been kind enough to loan me her car. So I had a lovely dinner downtown with her and her bestie, H. Then I drove myself to The Happiest Place on Earth and stocked up on glorious art supplies (until they kicked me out at closing). Finally, I trucked home and had a super-long bath in the jacuzzi. Ahhhhh.
As I learned last week, it’s all about taking a stand and doing what you want to do — not what you feel forced to do. I lied this time, because a flat-out refusal would have insulted someone specific, but next time I think I might bow out honestly. 
Three cheers for choosing sistas and art-supply-shopping over smelly bars and expensive cab rides!

So what do you think?

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