What are little boys made of? Explosives?

I’m no scientist, but I have been inspired to write a thesis. 

The topic? Why boys are far more likely to get hurt than girls.
Darling Husband had a little mishap at work over the weekend, so we paid a trip to the emergency room to get him checked out. 
Since he was clearly not in much pain, we must have been placed onto some kind of “No rush-this-guy’s-fine” list … because we waited for five hours to see a doctor.
During our lovely five-hour stay in the waiting room, we watched lots of people come in. A little boy limping. A boy who hurt his ankle skateboarding. A little boy with a head injury. Another little boy with a head injury.
Yeah, that’s right — all boys! OK, in the name of fairness, there were two girls — both sick, not hurt — and a whole hoard of old people.
Was this just a fluke? Do girls get hurt just as often? I’m not sure, but if I was a betting woman, I’d place $500 on black … a black-and-blue-ankled boy, that is.

So what do you think?

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