Three months, one week, and about 13 hours …

You may have noticed my cute little counter that I added a couple of days ago. Why? Well, I am math-challenged, and was tired of trying to count back from July 18 (D-Day) … or is that C-Day?

As it creeps closer to the three-month mark, it’s getting hard to contain my excitement. In three months, are going to start trying. In three months, I could technically get pregnant.
The “three month” excitement, of course, got me thinking about trimesters. If the first three months is when you feel sick, the next three months is where you get your energy back, and the last three months is when you feel huge and uncomfortable, then there needs to be a name for this three-month chunk.
So I proclaim this time “the zeroth trimester.”
I have been doing my best to be healthy during 2009, but now we are down to crunch time, people! The zeroth trimester — whether it lasts exactly three months, or however long — is my last chance to prep this bod for what it’s about to go through.
The next three-plus months are all about …
  • Taking my prenatal vitamin every day (I never miss a weekday, because they are so structured, but I always forget on Sat. and Sun.)  
  • Continuing my healthy-eating regime (I have been pretty good, but could be eating more of the hardcore stuff, like spinach, salad, etc.)
  • Getting more exercise (When pilates ended, I didn’t replace it with anything. But Best Friend and I are going to start playing tennis two or three times a week)
However, they are also about …

2 Comments on “Three months, one week, and about 13 hours …

  1. Haha I am the Queen of Over-Preparedness! Anything that keeps me occupied while we’re waiting to start trying is good, I suppose. That’s great that you guys are trying now! So exciting!


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