Feel down? Exfoliate something!

Remember my vow to take breaks at work? Of course you do — it was yesterday! Anyway, you also remember that most of my “break ideas” centered around personal grooming (hair, makeup, nails, etc.)?

Well, apparently excessive personal grooming is the answer to all my problems!
I got the work thing solved — take breaks — but last night I was still feeling kind of ho-hum around the house. It seemed like all I was doing was cooking, packing lunches, cleaning, etc.
So I had an impromptu spa excursion — in my own bathroom!
While the jacuzzi was filling, I rounded up all the essentials — and it was a lot of product, let me tell you! Face exfoliators, brown sugar body scrub, hand polisher, shampoo, special conditioner, etc.
I gave my hair a special conditioning treatment, used three (yes, three) different kinds of exfoliators, cleansed, toned, moisturized — the works! I even gave exfoliated my lips (hey, I guess there were four types!) using sugar, water, and a toothbrush, and then moisturized them with beeswax.
It was relaxing and productive — and productivity is my favourite feeling in the world — and I’m going to make this spa night a weekly event! 

So what do you think?

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