It’s all about the C-factor

Remember my quest to be a healthier eater? In which I was totally lacking in Vitamin C and calcium? Well, it’s been five weeks, and I thought I would share how I’ve tried to change my habits …

I used to drink milk every most some nights with dinner, but that clearly wasn’t enough for a baby-makin’ factory. So I rationalized that I’d need to start drinking it every night, plus some during the day. The solution? Bottles, baby! 

OK, definitely NOT as pictured. We don’t have actual milk bottles in 2009 — or at least not around here. So I bought a bunch of little tomato juice bottles, ripped off the labels and washed them out, and fill two with skim milk every morning. 
They are so cute and old-fashioned! Plus, I’m drinking milk with lunch, milk with my afternoon snack — God, am I a toddler or what? — and milk with dinner. It’s a total habit now, and it’s great. Combined with either cheese or yogurt, I’ve met the quota of four servings per day. Whooooo!

I steered clear of OJ for years, during the no-carb/low-carb epidemic of the early 2000s, but now I’m back on board. I take one of my handy-dandy empty tomato juice bottles, and fill it up every morning for the drive to work.
I’ve also made a point to have either broccoli or cauliflower almost every day, plus packed tomato-heavy salads for lunch, to try and
 achieve the daily recommendation of three servings.
I kind of want to get bloodwork done, just so see how my levels are doing — especially combined with whatever good stuff I’m getting from my prenatal vitamin.
This is definitely the healthiest I’ve ever eaten in my entire adult life, so it would be nice to have the doctor look impressed — unlike that time in university when my nutrients were so low, he thought I was on a crash diet. Ow. 

So what do you think?

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