Sweet dreams

After salivating over farmhouses online, we took a jaunt to the country over the weekend to check out the area in person.

It was a gorgeous sunny day, and every time we drove past a house sitting atop a grassy field — sometimes with horses! — I thought, Oooooh!

We spent an hour cruising around the town we’re considering, checking out the grocery stores — there were a few, which is promising — and the malls — kinda bleak, but at least there were two. There was an elementary school with a wicked playground, a great park, and a “downtown” area with cute little shops.
As we drove, we talked about what we dreamed about: a rambling house with an old-fashioned pantry, matching ATVs for tearing off through the woods, acres of land for Darling Husband to ride around on a lawn tractor and … till stuff? Oh! Is that a sign for log cabins??? Adorable!
The good thing about long drives? You drive long enough — and talk long enough — and you eventually come back to reality.
It’s not time for us to have a farmhouse. 
Oh, it is sad to even type that, but it’s true. We shouldn’t — and won’t — make such a big decision, like selling one place and buying a new one, just yet. 
Before we got carried away with visions of butcher-block islands and lawn tractors, we had accepted the fact that we would have our first baby while still living here in our condo. There isn’t a lot of room, but we will be able to make it work.
While I’m on mat-leave, we will make the decisions about if/when/how I go back to work — which will affect where we live. Until then, we are going to make the best of things, and enjoy the present.
Our dream house will come later …

So what do you think?

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