Been there, done that, bought the Trojans

Can I just say … ugghhhh!

As I have mentioned before, Darling Husband and I were extremely careful — with a cap E — before we got married. We did not not not not not not NOT want to get pregnant before we were married, and I’m happy to say, our paranoia paid off.
Once the wedding bands were in place, we were free from our latex prison (hmm, weird mental image). When we returned from our honeymoon, I tossed all our condoms in the garbage — sure we would never again need them.
Two weeks ago, we bought ’em …
.,.. and we’re not liking ’em.
You see, we are in that holding zone where I am off the pill, but not able to start trying. I still have four months until Best Friend’s wedding, and that means four months of Operation: Gown-Must-Fit — it’s a joint mission with Project: Don’t-Puke-at-the-Altar.
The holding zone SUCKS! It means the super-cautiousness has returned to our bedroom, because this is the first time ever that we are relying only on condoms. It means we are back to using something that I always hated in the first place.
Darling Husband, who will fit into his groomsman tux no matter what, is trying to convince me to cave, and kiss the Trojans good-bye. Instead of me gushing over baby commercials and dragging him into the carseat department, he is the one giving me the baby pressure! 
He is the one murmuring, “C’mon, what difference does a few months make?” and I’m protesting, “No! We can’t! Think of the dress! Think of the dress!”

2 Comments on “Been there, done that, bought the Trojans

  1. Haha, this is where we were for like the last year….it sucks but you get used to it. Then when you ditch the Trojans it’s like discovering sex all over again it’s that much better! LOL


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