WANTED: Good home for pencils

Now that we’re back to reality, and determined to make our cozy newlyweds condo into a home suitable for a … gulp … family of three … I’ve got my work cut out for me!

No more dabbling posts about maybe-this-furniture or maybe-that-way-to-save-space. No! I’ve got to get serious and make actual plans, here. Otherwise I fear I will end up sleeping in the jacuzzi — our bed discarded for more floor space.
My mother is optimistic, as always, and says of course we will have room for a baby — and its gear — in our condo. 
I have always been a realist, so I am not so certain, because the second bedroom — now the office, someday the nursery — contains:
  • Hubby’s computer desk 
  • Desk chair
  • My art/drafting table
  • Chair from the dining room set
  • Tall white bookcase
  • Filing cabinet
… let’s not forget the closet, which looks like a Tupperware aisle exploded, and is crammed with:
  • My sewing machine
  • Six drawers of fabric
  • A small storage cabinet full of art supplies
  • 12 plastic containers with more art supplies
  • Three drawers of office supplies
  • Three drawers of paints
So basically, everything in that room has to find a new home — except the white bookcase, possibly, because I could fill it with childrens’ books and wicker baskets.
The best place for Darling Husband’s computer is probably the bedroom — living room would be too cluttered. And the filing cabinet can definitely be shoved in the storage room.
As for my art stuff, this is what I have come up with …
OPTION A: The mini-studio
  • My art desk & chair move to the storage room off the kitchen — wait! Here me out!
  • The heaps of art supplies moves to the storage room (has built-in shelves along the back wall)
  • The crap in the storage room moves to the closet of the second bedroom, and my mom’s basement
  • PRO: I will have my own space to work
  • CON: I may develop claustrophobia

OPTION B: The mobile studio
  • My art desk is stored in the storage room, and I do most of my crafting at the dining room table — but it is pulled out for especially large or messy projects
  • My art supplies remain stowed in the second bedroom closet
  • PRO: No need to move anything except the desk
  • CON: I won’t have a place to work, so I may choose not to create simply because I don’t have the space 
I’m really not sure which is the best solution. I like the idea of the mini-studio, simply because I could work and store everything in the same space. Yes, it is a small space — and I’m not totally sure about the ventillation? — but it would be the one space not infiltrated by Hubby or Baby.
Any thoughts?

So what do you think?

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