Drop everything and read!


Darling Husband and I were mall-ing this afternoon, and ducked into the bookstore to look for a book for our nephew.
Of course, while DH was browsing the boy books, I made a beeline for the Parenting section. Almost immediately, I spotted What To Expect When You’re Expecting — with a new mod cover!
I should explain that I have had a fascination with this book for years. It was so popular that I have always thought about it as the pregnancy bible. I would peek at it in the bookstore, and think about the day when I would buy it for myself.
I always figured I would already be pregnant when I actually bought it, but DH cruised down the aisle and spotted me holding it, and offered to buy it for me. Hallejuah!
This was a much better Valentine’s Day present than roses or candy 🙂  Can’t wait to read it!!!

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