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Mom confessions from mid-July

I’m trying to feel grateful that I don’t have to pack school lunches at the moment, but honestly I do miss school. A lot. (Also, I’m still MAKING just as many lunches — I’m just not making them at 6:45 a.m.) I’m trying to… Continue Reading “Mom confessions from mid-July”

Working from home … on vacation

We’re heading home today after nearly a week in sunny southern Ontario. (Yup, just like we did right around this time last year.)  What’s that thing people say — if you’re travelling with kids, it’s a trip, and if you’re travelling without kids, it’s… Continue Reading “Working from home … on vacation”

The work-at-home summer

School is officially out for our eldest and our youngest has been home from preschool for more than a month now. A surprising chunk of my friends are teachers, so they’re reveling in two-month vacation glory. Others are on maternity leave or are stay-at-home… Continue Reading “The work-at-home summer”