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"Mommy doesn’t go under water."

Mommy doesn’t go under water, I explained to the kids when they asked me to jump off the diving board. Mommy doesn’t like getting her hair wet. I hadn’t been under water for a decade at least, except for the few times I went… Continue Reading “"Mommy doesn’t go under water."”

Parental essentials on the road

I got so many great questions after yesterday’s post on vehicle hacks for parents that I thought I’d go into a bit more detail today about some of the items I keep in our minivan. I’m one of those over-prepared people that always has… Continue Reading “Parental essentials on the road”

When messy minivans attack: vehicle hacks for parents

I cleaned my van on Saturday morning and, I’m not going to lie, it was totally magical. I have a new-found love for that hunk of metal on wheels. I was inspired by this column I wrote a couple of days earlier, which is… Continue Reading “When messy minivans attack: vehicle hacks for parents”

Should kids be world travellers?

Our kids have barely left the province and I feel guilty about it. They’ve been to P.E.I. for a camping trip, to New Brunswick for a quick day trip and to Ontario for a week at their grandparents’ house. Other than that, our family… Continue Reading “Should kids be world travellers?”

Vacation, all I ever wanted?

We’re back from our first non-camping vacation with the kids, and I talked a bit about our adventures in my parenting column this week. source (Namely: the kids sharing a room/bed and keeping each other awake, getting waaaaay off our schedule, and visiting “Canada’s… Continue Reading “Vacation, all I ever wanted?”