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A new (better) kind of camping

Alternate title for this post: Why Camping Is Totally Way Better When You Figure Stuff Out. I wrote last week about our last (and longest-yet) family camping trip, and the … uh … frustrations that I felt during that trip. (Why no, I didn’t… Continue Reading “A new (better) kind of camping”

15 lessons learned on our first big family vacation

Other than our few memorable camping trips, our family had yet to go on a real, actual vacation. The kids had never even left the province!  (Despite my husband being an airline employee, they have yet to go on an airplane, either, but that’s… Continue Reading “15 lessons learned on our first big family vacation”

More adventures in camping with toddlers

Our new tent trailer has been getting quite the workout! And luckily, we’re learning more each trip about how to successfully camp with toddlers — something that is not for the faint of heart. For our third camping trip, we hit up a spot… Continue Reading “More adventures in camping with toddlers”

Camping with toddlers: Take II

It appears we got over any ill feelings towards camping with toddlers pretty quickly, because before we knew it, we were on the road again! This time, it was what I refer to as “soft camping,” because we were setting up the tent trailer… Continue Reading “Camping with toddlers: Take II”

A guide to camping with toddlers

If you had asked me how I enjoyed camping with a one-year-old and a three-year-old about two hours into the trip, I would have burst into tears and told you we were NEVER DOING IT AGAIN. And we hadn’t even arrived at the campground… Continue Reading “A guide to camping with toddlers”