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DIY paper mâché robot

There’s nothing like a long — I mean really long — creative project to keep your kids busy and happy. Play-Doh and kinetic sand only hold their interest for so long, and colouring isn’t a “special” activity anymore. But one Sunday morning I had… Continue Reading “DIY paper mâché robot”

DIY cardboard playhouses (that fold flat!)

It’s almost that time. And by “that time,” I don’t mean Christmas specifically — I mean the time when your entire living room is a mess of empty cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, and those annoying styrofoam pieces. Don’t despair, because I found a reeeeally… Continue Reading “DIY cardboard playhouses (that fold flat!)”

Homemade kinetic sand: Is the low cost worth the mess?

You’ve seen the various “make your own moon sand” and “easy homemade kinetic sand” posts on Pinterest, but have you tried them? Well … I did, so you don’t have to! Head over to my monthly kid-friendly DIY column, This DIY House, to see… Continue Reading “Homemade kinetic sand: Is the low cost worth the mess?”

Is the low price of DIY kinetic sand worth the mess?

Is the low cost of DIY kinetic sand worth the mess? {Heather's Handmade Life}

There are plenty of recipes floating around for DIY kinetic sand, so I decided to try making it for a fraction of the cost — about $3 for nine cups.