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Daddies and daughters

One of my colleagues just stopped by my office to chat. He was telling me how his wife spent Friday night away, as a Mother’s Day treat, and he spent the weekend with his little daughter. He gushed — well, as much as men… Continue Reading “Daddies and daughters”

Da da da da da da …

Every one in a while, I get little glimpses of the kind of mother I’m going to be. Singing, for example. I may love belting it out in the car, but I am a horrendous singer. However, I am constantly singing, rhyming, and telling… Continue Reading “Da da da da da da …”

Holiday traditions

Happy Easter, my super-special, much-loved readers! I had a nice Easter with my mom and sis, and Darling Husband had a good time with the in-laws. We have always separated for the holidays, so that neither of us miss seeing our ‘rents and sibs. A lot… Continue Reading “Holiday traditions”