Mini Mozarts & Baby Beethovens

A few years ago, Darling Husband and I purchased a fancy-schmancy TV. It was one of those double-income-no-kids purchases that I’m sure will come to an end before we know it … like the PlayStation 3 … and the Wii … and the computers …

Geez, there are some definite benefits to being D-I-N-Ks.
Anyway, we have a nice TV, and from what I’ve read/heard, it soon be monopolized by Disney’s Baby Einstein vids.
I know — just know — that I will be one of those total suckers who buys anything “educational.” So in a year or so, I’m probably going to be raving about these damn DVDs.
But I just watched a couple of previews, and I do kind of see how they are hypnotizing. All of the little hand-painted wooden toys moving around, and the … shiny things. 
But they are probably hypnotizing for babies. What about the parents who have to sit through it? Or are they so sleep-deprived that they are totally into it?
Orrrrrrrr, maybe the parents aren’t supposed to watch the videos at all? And they are supposed to use those precious 30 minutes to, like, pick up all of the blocks and dolls, while the baby is zoned out?
I wonder if Baby Einstein comes in high-def …

So what do you think?

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