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I’m starting to break …

They say your baby might be ready for solids if they are “showing an active interest in your food.” Baby Boy has been doing that for a month now — including a memorable moment the day after Thanksgiving when he grabbed a fistful of… Continue Reading “I’m starting to break …”

The F word

… and we’re back! Sorry for that little delay in bloggy-bloggage. For my American friends, this past weekend was “Canadian Thanksgiving” — and yes, I actually think of it as “Canadian Thanksgiving,” because it is such an understated holiday compared to regular “American Thanksgiving.”… Continue Reading “The F word”

To eat or not to eat

Baby Boy was baptized over the weekend, and one of his gifts was the very cool SpaceSaver highchair from Fisher Price. I really wanted this particular one, because several of my mom-friends have it (and swear by it), and our kitchen is NOT big… Continue Reading “To eat or not to eat”