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Apologies …

Sorry for falling off the blog-wagon last week. Sleep deprivation is a real, terrible, evil, no-good, very bad thing, and I’m doing my best to conquer it. No, the cereal is not working. The bedtime routine does squat, apparently. Baby Boy and I are… Continue Reading “Apologies …”

CerealGate 2010: An update

I promise to stop posting about cereal soon. But first! IT MIGHT BE WORKING! Yes, after the first night of no success (with Baby Boy still waking up every two hours — or less), the second night seems to have went a little better.… Continue Reading “CerealGate 2010: An update”

High hopes … We had hi-ghhhh hopes …

The cereal didn’t work!!! 🙁 Oh, it is with a heavy heart that I type that! I had such high hopes that having a little more substance in his tummy would keep him asleep a little longer, but Baby Boy was STILL up every two… Continue Reading “High hopes … We had hi-ghhhh hopes …”