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Baby steps

After finding out last week that the toddler failed a hearing test — and has a minor hearing loss — I’ve been thinking about his hearing and speech OFTEN (to put it mildly). I have noticed that two words are really improving, though. Over… Continue Reading “Baby steps”

When there are no words …

I posted back in December about the toddler’s speech — or, ah, lack thereof — and then kind of never mentioned it again. In the blog world, it got lost in the shuffle of posts about having a little girl, and ruffles and heartburn… Continue Reading “When there are no words …”

Because I can’t trust myself to write this anywhere else (like a baby book)

Words the toddler can SAY (at just shy of 18 months): Dadada Mumma (rarely) Go Whassat? (“What’s that?”) Uh-oh Good Number of words he is supposed to be saying: 20!!! But! Here are the words the toddler can SIGN: More All done Please Thank… Continue Reading “Because I can’t trust myself to write this anywhere else (like a baby book)”

There is no justice in the world

The toddler started saying “Dada” months and months ago. Don’t ask me how long exactly, as the scrapbooks are still packed. He only started consistently saying “Mama” about a month ago — at 16 months. And GET THIS: he ONLY says it when he’s… Continue Reading “There is no justice in the world”

Do the potty dance!

The other day, my toddler learned how to sign “change.” Change as in “Change my diaper, woman!”I don’t think it’s a coincidence that — that very same day — I bought him his own potty.* Can 15-month-olds potty-train? Especially BOYS? I don’t think so.… Continue Reading “Do the potty dance!”