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Babies on the move

This column was originally written for Bedford magazine in the summer of 2011. *** I was sitting on the airplane, a few years back, puzzling over the woman walking slowly up and down the aisle. She had a toddler in front of her, and… Continue Reading “Babies on the move”

How (and why) we taught our kids to cross the street

It was a big step — about 15 little kid-sized steps, actually — letting our kids cross the street without an adult. I had no idea at what age it was supposed to happen, but I didn’t think it would be so soon. It’s… Continue Reading “How (and why) we taught our kids to cross the street”

Helmets for sledding? Really?

I sent my son to Grade 1 with a helmet today. It’s not that his classroom is particularly rough — it’s because I don’t want him to get a head injury during gym class. Times have changed, you see. His school sent home a… Continue Reading “Helmets for sledding? Really?”