Nova Scotia schools will be back in session, and here’s the plan

I ate my anxiety nachos and sighed with relief as Nova Scotia’s Department of Education announced the plan for schools reopening in September.

One of the first things we heard from Nova Scotia Education Minister Zach Churchill was, blessedly, that “the best place for children is in the classroom”, and the plan is to return them there full-time, at least to start.

According to the province’s new back-to-school page, the plan for September includes in-class instruction, enhanced cleaning measures, greater emphasis on handwashing/sanitizing and physical distancing.

In some situations, mask use will be required for some grade levels and staff. School bus riders and drivers will be required to wear masks. School meals will be delivered to classrooms to prevent a crowd from gathering in the cafeteria, and no one will be using lockers.

Everything sounded perfectly reasonable to me. You want my eight-year-old to wear a mask on the bus? Sure! What kind? Should I send extras? Do you want me to sew a class set?

Sure, my 10-year-old son will be disappointed he won’t get to decorate a locker for the very first time, but he’ll deal with it.

Charge me triple for school supply fees. Ask me to buy hazmat suits for the class. Enlist me to be a volunteer bus monitor to make sure kids keep their masks on. Anything. Seriously, I will accommodate literally any request, as long as my kids can return to school and have a mostly normal life again.

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