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When your dog eats a grape

What to do when your dog swallows a grape {Heather's Handmade Life}

I had a thoroughly unpleasant hour earlier this week when C dropped half a grape while she was eating her lunch. Half a frigging grape! Shouldn’t have been a big deal buttttt … Annabelle gobbled it up. Darling Husband noticed her eating something and… Continue Reading “When your dog eats a grape”

Today’s the day

We bring Annabelle home today. And I’m kind of freaking out. The kids are oblivious. And weird. I’m nervous something will go wrong. I can’t stop thinking about last time. I’ve been in a psychopathic nesting rage for days now — cleaning and organizing… Continue Reading “Today’s the day”

DIY adjustable pet bed

This DIY pet bed is really easy to make and it will fit nicely inside a kennel, on a backseat or on a couch to protect it from pet hair.