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You know you want to watch

Just remembered that tonight is the season finale of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, so tune into TLC! If the scary previews and internet rumors are anything to go by, it looks like there is trouble in tot-town. Could Jon and Kate really be splitting… Continue Reading “You know you want to watch”


I think everyone is addicted to something that is bad for them. Cigarettes, wine, coffee, etc. Really, addictions are only to bad things — no one ever complains of an addiction to green apples. Mine is Diet Coke. I started young, probably around age 7… Continue Reading “Intervention!”

Rebecca Eckler: Love her!

Just finished reading Rebecca Eckler’s Knocked Up … for the 8th or 9th time. I also own Wiped! and Toddlers Gone Wild, and have read them each an embarassing number of times. FYI, I am obsessed with Rebecca Eckler. I regularly stalk her website… Continue Reading “Rebecca Eckler: Love her!”