You know you want to watch

Just remembered that tonight is the season finale of Jon & Kate Plus Eight, so tune into TLC!

If the scary previews and internet rumors are anything to go by, it looks like there is trouble in tot-town.
Could Jon and Kate really be splitting up? My guess is that even if they are, they will put on a happy(ish) face until the show is off the air. 
Who would want to watch Jon – Kate + Eight? Hell, the math just = trouble.

3 Comments on “You know you want to watch

  1. So what did you think of the episode? I was sort of confused at the end. Maybe they’re not having marital troubles, or maybe they’re just downplaying it?


  2. I got the idea that they ARE having marital problems. Because of Jon’s recent drama, he doesn’t want to do the show anymore, and Kate DOES. So basically they are trying to come to an agreement on what they should do. I was surprised to hear that they might not even come back for Season 5! And the way the wrote all over the walls of the set seemed like a series finale to me!


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