I think everyone is addicted to something that is bad for them. Cigarettes, wine, coffee, etc. Really, addictions are only to bad things — no one ever complains of an addiction to green apples.

I started young, probably around age 7 or 8. My parents drank Diet Coke exclusively, and it was just the household norm. When I had to drink regular Coke over at a friend’s house, I was grossed out by every sugary mouthful. 
I have always drank Diet Coke strictly for taste — after all, when you are used to the crisp bite of aspartame, drinking regular pop is like guzzling pancake syrup. 
There have been times — i.e. teens, early 20s — where I drank far more than I should, and times when I was the Queen of Moderation.
And it will all come to an end. *TEAR*
This summer, when Darling Husband and I enter trying-to-conceive-mode, I will have to lay down my crack pipe — er, can — and kiss Diet Coke good-bye. 
Good-bye to aspartame, potential harmer of baby brains. Good-bye to the caffeine, potential … well, not sure exactly, but something.
So to practice, I have decided to give it up for Lent. Starting today, it shall not passeth my lipseth for 40 days and 40 nights — how Biblical of me.
I am not sure how I will replace it. Club soda, water, lemonade — all of the options are so bleak. But perhaps through horrible, horrible self-denial, I can cure myself of my aspartame love affair …

So what do you think?

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