Category: Nursery

Design magnetism!

So this is a gift-wrapping idea I found over at, but I love the way the plastic fridge magnet letters look. So colourful and fun. What if a section of the nursery — even just a trimmed-off section of wall — was painted… Continue Reading “Design magnetism!”

Alphabet nursery art

Just found these flashcards by Patricia Zapata over at Pancakes and French Fries. They’re handmade and beautiful, but what I really love is how great they look in the white frame/green matte.  How perfect would these be as nursery art??? Love!

Space-saving nursery tricks

Hooray! I have finally made some progress in my ongoing quest to figure out how to fit baby-gear into our small place. Caught an episode of The Mom Show the other day — love that show, and have for the last couple of years —… Continue Reading “Space-saving nursery tricks”

Room to move

What sane woman doesn’t like to think about decorating a nursery? Really? It’s one of the most flippin’ fun things out there. One of the main reasons I plan on finding out the boy/girl situation is so I know how to decorate! Will the… Continue Reading “Room to move”