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Fifty thousand

I hit 50,000 words this morning on my newest novel — the novel I’m hopefully will actually see the light of day. Fifty thousand and 14 words, to be exact. You know, unlike the first one (55,000 words) that I got up early very… Continue Reading “Fifty thousand”

Our family’s simple Christmas gift system

Our family's simple Christmas gift system {Heather's Handmade Life}

I don’t know what I’d do without our Christmas gift system. Seriously. I know some people love spending a lot of time and money shopping for their kids’ Christmas gifts, but the trouble is it tends to snowball every year as the kids get… Continue Reading “Our family’s simple Christmas gift system”

The early riser(s)

About a million years ago (or like 5-6 years ago), I used to get up really early so I could have an hour or two to work on my novel before working my “day job.” I thought I was being mega-disciplined and it felt… Continue Reading “The early riser(s)”