Sixty-five thousand

I hit 65,000 words today on my novel (in my novel?) and it feels … it feels like everything.

Fifty thousand words felt like a huge accomplishment — was it really just 12 days ago? — but now at 65,057 words I feel like I’m getting into actual full-length-novel territory after a lifetime of writing (and discarding) “novellas.”

I’m still getting 1,000+ words down each morning, before the sun rises (as do the kids), but some days I don’t track my progress because I’m hopping from chapter to chapter tying up loose ends, adding in references, switcherooing the order of words, happenings, whole segments of the plot.

I’m getting close to finishing the writing and moving onto the editing, which I suspect is going to be harder but maybe it will be easier? Who knows? I’ve only really gotten to this stage once and it didn’t feel like this. It felt like good writing at the time, but what the hell did I know in 2009?

Will I think this writing is bad someday?

Possibly, but it just feels … different.

So what do you think?

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