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One is the loneliest most rare number

Since having our second baby, I have realized my (already very limited) alone time is now practically non-existent. Therefore, I present to you a list of my current favourite places to be: Showering. Sure, the baby is usually in her carseat right there, on… Continue Reading “One is the loneliest most rare number”

How to keep a clean house (without running yourself ragged during nap-time)

I don’t vacuum during nap-time.I also don’t fold laundry.Or wash dishes.And you don’t need to, either. Let me back up. When Baby Boy was about five months old, I was visited by a friend and their baby (who is a bit younger than Baby Boy).… Continue Reading “How to keep a clean house (without running yourself ragged during nap-time)”

The point of a bath is not to bathe

Growing up, my mom was all about the bubble bath. She still is, actually. Next to a beach or a spa, it is probably her favourite place in the world. Me? Not so much. I’m a shower girl. It’s quick, efficient, and easier to… Continue Reading “The point of a bath is not to bathe”

The world’s fastest shower

I mentioned yesterday that Baby Boy no longer tolerates bouncy chairs or Exersaucers, and it made doing my makeup difficult. Showering is even trickier. Yesterday I was too lazy to set up the Jolly Jumper in the bathroom door, so I simply set up… Continue Reading “The world’s fastest shower”

Makeup for Mommies

Doing my makeup didn’t used to be hard. Baby Boy would sit in a bouncy chair on in an Exersaucer, and play with little toys while he watched me. Now that he OVERTURNS his bouncy chair and HATES being confined to his Exersaucer, and… Continue Reading “Makeup for Mommies”