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When introverts have children …

I think the biggest challenge for me, as a parent, is the fact that I spent so much of my pre-kid life … all alone. As a kid, I spent most afternoons alone in my bedroom, playing Barbies and listening to Salt-N-Pepa (coolest kid… Continue Reading “When introverts have children …”

State of the Weight (Watchers)

I know, I know, it’s been tooooo long since I’ve blogged about my Weight Watchers adventures, so here is a quick re-cap: I lost 23.5 lbs in the first six weeks after C was born (before joining the program) I’ve been on Weight Watchers… Continue Reading “State of the Weight (Watchers)”

The best day

Yesterday was my 29th birthday — hmmm, had better update the blog’s sidebar description to reflect that! — and it was pretty darn amazing. It felt like the best birthday I’ve had in ages, and I think that is because of several reasons: I… Continue Reading “The best day”