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How we spent our "summer" vacation

Yes, you read that correctly. “Summer” vacation. In April/May. In Canada. *cue the whomp-whomp sound effect* This is a post about shift-work life and freelance life, and how they merge together to create beginning-of-spring vacations where only one person is actually on vacation. (Spoiler… Continue Reading “How we spent our "summer" vacation”

My own mommy manifesto

I’m going to buy a big canvas and cover it with painted phrases that no one will really understand except me. That’s because the canvas will contain my manifesto — a list of personal commandments that will help me live my happiest life. One… Continue Reading “My own mommy manifesto”

Half of my life

I was 16 when we officially became a couple on June 9, 2000 and 24 when we got married on June 9, 2008. Even I can do that math — eight years together before our wedding day, eight years since our wedding day, 16… Continue Reading “Half of my life”