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Five baby essentials

This post is inspired by Emily over at imperfect. She recently blogged that babies “don’t need much,” and I have to agree. Of course, we have baby stuff coming out of our ears, but I definitely agree. You know, in theory. Here are our…

Great expectations

Monday, March 29, 2010 30 weeks, 1 day pregnant You might remember that last week, just before my shower, that I was worried about how Darling Husband and I were going to buy the “big items” we need for the baby. Well, we figured…

Highchairs of the rich and famous

I mean, who hasn’t sat in their $18 million loft and thought, “A highchair from where … Sears? What is this Sears of which you speak?” … and then turned to the butler and said, “No, I must find an ultra-modern and chrome highchair….