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Speech delays, hearing loss, fluid in the ears, and other toddler fun

Just to re-cap … Remember when we took the toddler to the hearing test? And learned a few things, like … Both of his eardrums aren’t moving He possibly has fluid in both ears He has a mild hearing loss ( >40 dec.) The… Continue Reading “Speech delays, hearing loss, fluid in the ears, and other toddler fun”

Thank you

Your kind comments, emails, Facebook messages, texts, and calls mean so much to me. Quick update on HearingGate 2012: The doctor at the walk-in clinic says he does have an ear infection (not sure if it’s double or not, because he had a super-thick… Continue Reading “Thank you”

Sounds of silence

The toddler’s long-awaited hearing test was yesterday. He did not pass. I should be working at this very moment, but first I have to write this down. I have emails and messages to answer, but I can’t just yet. So please, bear with me,… Continue Reading “Sounds of silence”

When there are no words …

I posted back in December about the toddler’s speech — or, ah, lack thereof — and then kind of never mentioned it again. In the blog world, it got lost in the shuffle of posts about having a little girl, and ruffles and heartburn… Continue Reading “When there are no words …”