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Our family’s lice scare

Our family's lice scare {Heather's Handmade Life}

Scratch, scratch, scratch. Is it all in my head? Am I just being paranoid or is my head really itchy? (Just try to read this column to the end without scratching your own head. Shudder.) I may not have to worry about pregnancy scares… Continue Reading “Our family’s lice scare”

“If your kids get a stomach virus, YOU will get a stomach virus.”

Remember back in early February when our family experienced 10 vicious days of viral grossness? Well, apparently that wasn’t our only kick at the can (i.e. toilet) for the year. Probably because the flu shot isn’t very damn effective this year?! We just finished ANOTHER… Continue Reading ““If your kids get a stomach virus, YOU will get a stomach virus.””

Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition

I was not totally smug about Baby Boy never really having a diaper rash. Except THAT ONE TIME he was teething, and it was no biggie, because like, he’s cloth-diapered, and they don’t really GET rashes, so, yeah … My smugness did not totally come back… Continue Reading “Not Me Monday: Diaper rash edition”