The internet is trying to tell me something

Technology sucks, sometimes.

I am supposed to go to something tonight, and I really, really, really don’t want to go. 
Well, 99 per cent of me does not want to go, and would rather go home on this rainy day and paint. Alone. 
The other one per cent feels obligated. Zero per cent of me actually thinks I would have a good time.
So I did the logical thing — I Googled “decision making” and found the equivilient of flipping a coin. I asked the wise piece of programming “Should I go?” and …
This site said “Yes,” and so did this site. Sheesh. Even the internet thinks I am anti-social.

4 Comments on “The internet is trying to tell me something

  1. I am totally anti-social and I have finally reached a point that I never ever say yes unless I really think it will be a good time. I used to just be flakey or pretend I was sick to get out of stuff. Its so much easier now (although, I get a lot fewer invites these days).


  2. You’re both right. I am definitely at the point where I am not saying yes to anything unless I really want to go.


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