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Weird work-at-home quirks + hacks

Today’s post is brought to you by Things That Annoy Me about working from home. Yes, you heard me — working from home is not all merrily-throwing-the-laundry-on in between tea breaks.  I noticed I have a couple of quirks that can interfere with my… Continue Reading “Weird work-at-home quirks + hacks”

Why too many days off school make me crazy

I’m almost positive my son and daughter attend Grade 1 and preschool, respectively. It’s just that for the last three or four weeks, they’ve barely gone. At least it feels that way, between flu bugs, coughs, snow days, labour action, holidays and more snow… Continue Reading “Why too many days off school make me crazy”

The girl at the art show

There was a call for submissions for an art show. It was the first post I’ve seen like this, and I decided — on a whim — that yeah, OK, I would paint something. I would give it a try. The theme was “escape,”… Continue Reading “The girl at the art show”