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On freelance life + Hollywood

Me, back in my entertainment reporter days. If I were to list my Top 5 Annoyances relating to my job as a freelance writer, do you know what they’d be? 1. People who don’t think I “really” work. No, I don’t think I’m automatically… Continue Reading “On freelance life + Hollywood”

New year, new project!

Happy New Year, everybody! It’s hard to believe that I started Laptops to Lullabies waaaay back in 2009, exactly eight years ago today. (I’d link back to those first pathetic posts, but yikesssss you might not want to read them.) I’m not going anywhere… Continue Reading “New year, new project!”

The (4th annual) corporate Christmas party for a work-at-home freelance journalist

Sitting in my little basement office, eating appetizers and playing games with myself … while all dressed up? Yeah, that’s something I’ve been doing for FOUR YEARS NOW. (See the very first one, the second one, and last year’s party.) Last year’s party was… Continue Reading “The (4th annual) corporate Christmas party for a work-at-home freelance journalist”

How to support your friend who blogs

So you have this friend and they blog. You’re not completely sure why or how or if they make any money from it, but you try to be a good friend and read their blog. (Your friend really appreciates it!) But did you know… Continue Reading “How to support your friend who blogs”

Werk it Wednesday: Snoozed

Nope, I’m not talking about sleep — although I’m hella tired right now after taking the puppy out twice in the night, and then getting up early to serve sticky pancakes and apple slices to elementary schoolers.  (It’s barely nine and I feel like… Continue Reading “Werk it Wednesday: Snoozed”