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Baking a doggie birthday cake

This is completely random and hilarious, but I have been getting requests for the recipe I used to make Annabelle‘s half-birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. Truth: It looked so good that I kind of wanted to try it. I modified this peanut… Continue Reading “Baking a doggie birthday cake”

Why half-birthdays are more fun than REAL birthdays

Why half birthdays are more fun than real birthdays {Heather's Handmade Life}

A kid’s birthday without any gifts to buy, invitations to create and mail, huge party to plan or guest list to wrangle? Yes, please! They’re called ‘half birthdays’ and they’re soooo much simpler than real birthdays. I’m quite a fan. Our son’s real birthday… Continue Reading “Why half-birthdays are more fun than REAL birthdays”

Why I’m done with big birthday parties for kids

We celebrated our daughter’s fourth birthday the other weekend with a big Disney princess dance bash at a local studio. It was a great party and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, but you know what? I’m never doing a huge birthday party again. Let… Continue Reading “Why I’m done with big birthday parties for kids”

Reusable snack bag party favours

Ready to quit loot bags and hand out something that’s actually useful? These reusable snack bags can be filled with candy, crackers or pretzels to be eaten on the drive home from the birthday party, and then the bag can be used over and… Continue Reading “Reusable snack bag party favours”

Say no to loot bags. Seriously.

Dear Parents, Let’s all decide, as a group, that traditional loot bags are a terrible waste of money and sanity and we should never, ever make them again? OK? Yes, I know. It’s easy to roam around a Dollar Store and fill a basket… Continue Reading “Say no to loot bags. Seriously.”