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Then then he was two …

My dearest D, Today, you are two years old. Today, I have to officially stop calling you my “one-year-old wonder.” Today, I look at you and see such a startlingly grown-up little person that I can barely stand it. You are using the potty… Continue Reading “Then then he was two …”

Meet my son … he’s one!

Our son, D, is 23 months old. Actually, he’s one year, 11 months, three weeks, and one day old. But he’s still ONE. I get laughed at a lot lately, when I say things like, “But he’s only ONE!” or “My one-year-old …” People give… Continue Reading “Meet my son … he’s one!”


No post today, bloggy-friends, as I’m busy showering my sweet man with birthday love. And cinnamon toast. And uninterupted TV time while I serve beer and snacks in a short skirt, or something. There’s never been a guy who deserved it more. XOXO