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10 lessons learned while breastfeeding

Lessons learned while breastfeeding {Heather's Handmade Life}

I breastfed my two children for a combined total of 29 months and I learned a LOT along the way — mostly that it’s really obnoxious when parents refer to everything in months instead of years. While it wound up being the right decision… Continue Reading “10 lessons learned while breastfeeding”

Why I’m done with big birthday parties for kids

We celebrated our daughter’s fourth birthday the other weekend with a big Disney princess dance bash at a local studio. It was a great party and I think everyone enjoyed themselves, but you know what? I’m never doing a huge birthday party again. Let… Continue Reading “Why I’m done with big birthday parties for kids”

Say no to loot bags. Seriously.

Dear Parents, Let’s all decide, as a group, that traditional loot bags are a terrible waste of money and sanity and we should never, ever make them again? OK? Yes, I know. It’s easy to roam around a Dollar Store and fill a basket… Continue Reading “Say no to loot bags. Seriously.”

The importance of teaching your child restaurant manners

The woman leans over and smiles expectantly. I take a deep breath and wait. This is the moment. We’ve trained for this. We’ve run the drill again and again, and now we’ll see if it’s paid off. “I will have a cheeseburger wif ketchup,… Continue Reading “The importance of teaching your child restaurant manners”

Advent Calendars: The Agony and The Ecstasy

I am always relieved when December arrives. Not because the holidays are coming or because it’s socially acceptable to turn on the outdoor Christmas lights, but because my children will FINALLY stop harassing me every morning about whether or not it’s time to start… Continue Reading “Advent Calendars: The Agony and The Ecstasy”