Advent Calendars: The Agony and The Ecstasy

I am always relieved when December arrives.

Not because the holidays are coming or because it’s socially acceptable to turn on the outdoor Christmas lights, but because my children will FINALLY stop harassing me every morning about whether or not it’s time to start their advent calendars.

It’s my fault, really, because I always buy their calendars by mid-November — afraid the stores will somehow all run out of those $1.99 rectangles of cardboard containing 15 cents worth of pale tasteless chocolate.

A younger C with far less hair (pretty sure this year’s calendar is identical though)

(Spoiler alert: Those calendars are available well into December, so I should probably learn from my annual mistake and buy next year’s calendars on Nov. 30, 2016.)

Yes, it’s true. I’m the Pinterest Queen, yet we buy those cheap cardboard calendars printed with cartoon characters. People think I’m going to be gluing sequins on adorable tin buckets or blasting little boxes with spray paint or cutting the numbers 1-25 out of glittery cardstock.

Nope, sorry. I grew up punching open those little cardboard doors to find a tiny chocolate shaped like Barbie’s head — my kids are happily doing the same. It’s tradition.

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