Category: Annoyances

The pill factor

I have always been a pill-popper. Not in a druggie kind of way, but in a nice, appreciate, isn’t-Advil-great kind of way.  As someone who will happily pop whatever I think I need, I never understand people who are against meds. Darling Husband, for instance,… Continue Reading “The pill factor”

The wheels on the bus

I once hopped onto a bus, deposited by fare, and started to look for a seat. But blocking the entire aisle was a gigantic plastic kiddie car — complete with kiddie inside. Parked next to the kiddie-car was a stroller — with a baby… Continue Reading “The wheels on the bus”

One of those days

Arggggggghhhhhhh! Sorry, had to get that out of my system. It is one of those days, dear readers, where you wonder why exactly you are part of the corporate world. Why you put up with the stress, the drama, the deadlines.  … Oh right.… Continue Reading “One of those days”